How to hide data secretly

If you have such a data that you want to hide from other to see, the first question may be come into your mind it that you can save that data in any office application like excel or word and protect the file with password.

People hardly know you can hide data in secret notepad file easily. if you have confidential data and would you like to store them in a text file, please follow this simple tricks. The trick is very easy to implement.

How To Hide Data in a Secret notepad file?

Open the command prompt and type the following syntax:

notepad AnyFileName.txt:secretfile.txt




Here ‘AnyFileName.txt is actual filename of any text file while secretfile.txt is a hidden stream contained within AnyFileName.txt.

then notepad windows will be popup and asking for your confirmation to create new file. Click Yes.






A notepad editor will be appear. You will now type any data you wants to hide. and then Go to file menu and click Save the file.

Close the file and reopen it, now you will surprising all your saved data has been vanished. now you can write anything on AnyFileName.txt and save it and whatever data you want to make the file look normal.

You can use the command line again on same text file on different hidden name like in below example hiddenfile.txt





You can add whatever other information to this file that you would like

None of these secret files will affect the other, or change the main file. Just remember you have to use the command line to access the hidden data.



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