Back up using File History

Windows 10 can automatically backup all the files on your PC using a System called File History. You can set it and whenever you need it, you can retrieve it. There are also some other method for backup and restore in windows, but in this post, we will talk about only File History feature.

File history feature can save changes made to files to an external storage drive while you are using your PC. Windows File History backs up all files found in ‘C:\Users’ which means your documents, pictures, videos, PST, download, there are safe. If you have deleted the files by mistake or file becomes damages, you can restore it in previous version with a few clicks.

To start using File History, you will need to connect and external storage drive to your PC. Make sure Your drive must remain connected whenever backups are running.

Backup using File History

Drive Preparation: Connect your external storage drive in your system and Type Win+R, Type diskmgmt.msc on run dialog box to open Disk Management. Right-click the external drive and choose format. default option are fine, click ok. Wait for format the disk.

Add a backup drive: Click your Start menu and Settings. Scroll down to ‘Update and Security’. Click this, then choose Backup from the sidebar. Click the ‘+’ icon next to ‘Add a drive’ Windows will search for and display your external drive. Click this. File History is now enabled and will backup your data.

Backup Frequency: Wait for your first backup to complete. The ‘Backup options’ window will give the exact date and time of the last backup. Click on the drop down menu marked ‘Backup my files’. From here, you can change the frequency of your backup. You can schedule it as per you convenience, but the external drive must be connected whenever your backup is run.

Backup Duration: Click the ‘Keep my backups‘ drop-down menu to choose how long you wish to keep backups for, by default backup set to Forever. By default, Windows 10 will backup all files found in C:\Users. If you wish to exclude a folder, click on it and then on the button marked Remove

Restore files: If you want to revert to a previously saved version of a file; right-click it and choose Properties. In the new window that opens, click the Previous Versions tab. Click on the version you want, the on the Restore button at the bottom-right to revert.

Open in File History: If you are not sure which version of a file to restore. click on Open, then choose ‘Open in File History’. This window enables you to preview various versions of your files. Not all files support this feature, but feel free to scroll up and down text documents if you need to check a specific word or phrase. Click the green button in the center of the window to restore a file.


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