google anti malware tool

Google has announced the built in anti malware tool way back in 2017. Those users who are using chrome browser enjoyed added layer of defense. This anti malware took is not going to scan your system for any or all threats. Instead, it is scan for known threats to the Chrome browser. Means Google has roll in its own malware scanner, one that run in the background (as long as chrome is open) and can also be run manually.

Hard thing is that, this tool can only be found in the Window version of Chrome, so Linux and macOS need not able to get the benefit from it. This tool apply on Windows machine, running an updated version of Chrome. To check your Chrome version, open Chrome, click on ‘Menu’ button, and select ‘About Chrome’. Your Chrome version must be 67.0.3396.79 or above. If you are running with older version, update it immediately.

This built-in malware scanner is simple in use. To run it, open Chrome and then enter ‘chrome://settings/cleanup’ in the address bar. Hit Enter the tool will appear. To manually scan, click on ‘FIND’ button and scanner will run. Now the scanner will scan your complete system and report back that your system is clean.

Although the scanner does run automatically in real-time. If you suspect any malware in your system you can run it manually. Finally, Google did wonderful job to create this tool, such that users doesn’t have to interact.

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