convert pdf to editable file

If you wants to convert any document into PDF, it is very easy to go for without using any additional software, even you can convert it in MS Word, Excel, Microsoft Print to PDF (while printing). To do it, you just need to select save as and then select the PDF extension.

You can’t edit the PDF directly, but you can convert it into other format and then you will able to edit the file using multiple cloud-based and downloadable apps.

Adobe Acrobat Pro software do it for you, but it will cost you quite a bit, there are some free methods you can look into using the apps you download from the internet as well as Google Cloud.

In this article, I will show you how to convert you PDFs in editable text format using Google Drive. Let’s get started.

Using Google Drive

Please ensure, you should have google account for this,  Log into Google Drive, and upload your PDF by dragging and dropping it into the Drive browser window.

Once it’s finish copying, right-click the file in browser and choose open with > Google Docs. After a few moments, a new Google Docs tab should open with the text of your PDF in it, which is fully editable.

However downside of this method is Google Docs doesn’t preserving layout of you PDF, but you get complete text and it will try to preserve formatting.

Using Foxit Reader

You can use this free app, which can convert your PDF to text-only TXT format, which remove all structure and formatting from PDF file and leave only the text. you can then open the file in notepad or any word processing documents.

To export the text form foxit reader, open the PDF in it, then click File > Save as. In the window that opens, choose where you want to text file to be saved and drop down the Save As menu. Choose TXT Files (*.txt) and press Save.

You will find the .txt file in the folder you specified. You can now open the text file using a text editor of your choice.



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