convert dynamic to basic disk

Microsoft introduce Dynamic Disk in way back in Windows Vista, but still dynamic disks are less often used. the main reason is covert the basic disk to dynamic disk is to pool disk into larger volumes or you would like to use as software RAID. dynamic disks support an unlimited number (up to 2000) of volumes, and volumes can be extended.

Now there are new technology available, such as storage spaces. so in case there is no roles of dynamic disk.

So, it is better to you should go back and convert you dynamic disk to basic disk format. In Windows built-in disk management to convert dynamic disk to basic, please ensure you need to delete all the volumes on the dynamic disk

It is strongly recommended to backup your data before performing disk conversion.

How To Convert Dynamic Disk Into Basic Disk In Windows 10

  1. Press Win+R to open Run and type diskmgmt.msc in it to open Disk Management. Click Ok or Press Enter.
  2. In disk management windows right-click on disk you want to convert to dynamic. Select convert to Basic Disk.
  3. That’s it. Your disk will be converted to basic format within few moments, depending upon your data and system configuration.

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