If you buy a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 pre-installed computer, you will no longer see a sticker on the back. The main intention for this change by Microsoft is to limit the number of keys being compromised. It’s also good for end users prospective, not needing to worry about the sticker fading or getting scratched.

The key is now embedded in BIOS and can be retrieved automatically during the activation process in Windows 8 / 10 and you will never be asked for a key to activate your machine.

Sometime, if your operating system failed and need to re-install the OS, you will need the right Windows 8/10 installation edition that matches the one stored in BIOS or you have prompted to type the right product key.

So, here is small utility called Windows OEM Product Key. It is a free standalone tool from NeoSmart Technology that only does one thing, extract the Windows 8.1 product key from BIOS.

You can download the utility from here. Once downloaded you just need to open the oemkey.exe, it will immediately retrieve the key from BIOS and show you on “Windows 10 Product Key tool” windows.

Now you can use this key to active your windows machines. I hope you like this page helpful.



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