Are you getting a number of emails from unwanted source like newsletters, promotional email, spam, phishing, on which you are not interested? In this article, you will learn how to manage spam, phishing email and unsubscribe all the unwanted e-mails from Yahoo, Gmail, outlook or any other email services.

To Unsubscribe the email one by one, please follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to your inbox.
  2. Open the mail which you wants to unsubscribe.
  3. Find the option in your email itself “unsubscribe or opt-out here” and click on it.
  4. It will take you on legitimate organization website and then it will ask you the reason to unsubscribe. fill the reason and then click on unsubscribe button.
  5. That’s it.
  6. If you don’t find the unsubscribe or opt-out link in your email, send the reply and ask them directly to unsubscribe their newsletter.

Follow these steps to unsubscribe email in bulk.

  1. Go to and enter your email.
  2. Signup with your email account and It will scan for all subscription.
  3. Choose which newsletter and email you want to unsubscribe and roll-up and then continues.
  4. Please make sure you do not unsubscribe to your important emails.

Follow these steps to manage spam and phishing email.

  1. Go to your inbox, select the email which seems as spam or phishing.
  2. Click the option spam on top of your inbox (in both yahoo and gmail) and click on spam or phishing option and that’t it.
  3. Otherwise you can open the email and you will find the same option on top of your email and then you can select the same option from there as well (block, spam or phishing). choose the option.
  4. And that’s it.

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