In Windows computer, In OneDrive its online dashboard to upload/download and manage files. But navigate the files in windows explorer is very comfortable. So let’s see how to map OneDrive as a local disk or Network Drive. So that, you can do whatever command/script to run to copy the files in onedrive using powershell, xcopy, robocopy or Windows GUI and even you can implement the windows schedule to perform task on regular interval.

Please follow the below steps to map ondrive as a network drive.

  1. Log into
  2. Copy the CID number from the address bar.
  3. Go to Windows Explorer then Click on the Computer tab then “Map network drive”.
  4. Select any drive letter and then in the Folder field, enter followed by the CID number, which was copied in step 2.
  5. Check the “Connect using different credentials” box, here you put your onedrive login credential.
  6. Click Finish.

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