Remove Windows 10's pre-install apps

Windows 10 comes with range of pre-installed apps that you may not want to use, while these are designed to help you as quickly as possible. But you may find that you will never use many of these apps. So, rather to keeping them, and having them take up your system space and performance on your PC, you can uninstall them.

In this article, I will show you how to find the all the pre-installed Windows 10 apps, and help you decide which one you don’t need. then I will show you how to remove them from your machine. Also if you have recently bought a PC or laptop, then you may find OEM has also installed some of apps that you probably never use.

Uninstall pre-installed apps

When you first use Windows 10, you will see a number of pre installed apps. Many of these can be removed quite easily, while others are more complicated. The easily uninstalled apps are; Skype, Office, Solitaire, Money, News; Sports, Windows Media Player, and Windows DVD Player.

The apps listed above, you just need to do is find their entries in the Start menu, right-click their icon, and select uninstall. A small message will appear letting you know that the app, and any associated data, will be removed from PC. Click uninstall once again. The selected app will then be deleted from your system.

There are also number of other pre-installed apps but process is little complicated to uninstall. This is because these apps are more tightly integrated into the operating system. These apps are: Calculator; Calendar; Mail; Camera; Maps; Movie & TV; People; Photos; Microsoft Store app; and Weather.

To open PowerShell. type “powershell” in search box in the Taskbar. When “Windows Powershell” appears, right-click it and select ‘Run as administrator’. When the powershell window open, you will now need to type ‘Get-AppxPackage “appname” | Remove-AppxPackage to remove the app. Where you written “appname” you will need to enter the code name of app. For example. if you want to remove the calculator app you would type ‘windowscalculator’

Reinstall apps

If you change your mind and want to reinstall an app you’ve deleted. You can do it this by opening the Microsoft Store and searching for it and find the app, click it, then click get. but assume you have deleted the Microsoft Store, then you need to use a Restore point to get it back.


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