How to start application 5-10 minutes after windows login

We can configure any application is system startup during windows login. But in case application will auto-start immediately after windows login. If you want to start the application after 5-10 minutes of windows login. This is the article for you.

To configure the application in startup, please follow the below instruction.

  1. Go to RUN type shell:startup
  2. You will reach on this application startup location C:\Users\”default user”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  3. Copy the application shortcut here. that’s it.
  4. Now when you login on windows machine with same user application will be auto-start immediately.

To delay start application please follow this steps.

  1. Press Windows Key and then search “task”.
  2. Schedule task will be prompted on searching. Then open the schedule task.
  3. Task scheduler will be open. then click on basic task
  4. In General tab, Fill the task name and description.
  5. In triggers tab and click new. On New Trigger click on begin the task and select “At log on”.
  6. Go to settings and select any user.
  7. Check the “delay task for” and define the delay time in minutes.
  8. Finally go to Action tab and here you need to define the program complete path with executable file names and the press OK.
  9. Now please re-login on window machine you application will be delay starts.

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