Google’s Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics app helps you to troubleshoot the network and internet connectivity issue like there is no internet connection. chrome Connectivity Diagnostics is a fast and simple network testing and troubleshooting tool for Google Chrome.

The tool tests a computer’s network connection for common issues, port blocking, and network latency by establishing connections to network and Internet services via UDP, TCP, HTTP and HTTPS

The app is simple to download from downloading page on Chrome Web Store. After clicking to install the app, simply click on “Launch app” button.

Run the diagnostic test

When you open the Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics app, it start running  and It will take a few minutes to run through all the tests.

Once finished, if your network connection is ok, it will display this message: “Your network connection appears to be operating correctly.”

If not, Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics will let you know where there’s a problem. Regardless of whether the test passed or failed, you can click on each one to get more info. In the case of failed tests, this will help you to find the solution.

Chrome connectivity diagnostic tool help to finding below issues.

  • Local network connection availability.
  • DNS server availability and latency.
  • DNS cache poisoning/spoofing.
  • Internet traffic blocks by a HTTP firewalls.
  • Network performance and latency to Google websites.
  • Google Hangouts service availability.

So now, Please go ahead and download the connectivity diagnostic tool for find out your internet issues in home, office or remote location without help of IT technician.



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