If someone is looking of technical support in your family or friends. Quick Assist a feature introduce in the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 that enable you to take remote of someone PC from your own computer over the internet. It’s give you the flexibility to investigate, diagnose and fix their problem.

Although Quick Assist works on all versions of Windows 10, it’s not available for older versions of Windows. If either computer uses an older version of Windows, both will need to use ‘Windows Remote assistant‘.

How does it work?

Quick Assist

  1. Click search on your PC and type ‘quick; then click Quick Assist to get started. Choose ‘Give assistance‘ and sign in with your Microsoft/O365 Account. Once signed in, a six-digit numerical Security code will appear. Now you have to convey this code to person, whom you are going to provide the remote assistant via phone, SMS, email or any other medium. Security Code
  2. Now ask recipient to launch ‘Quick Assist’ on their PC and choose ‘Get assistance‘ and then type the six-digit code you’ve communicated in previous step. Click ‘Submit‘ and wait while a connecting sign appears on both their PC. this can take some time. Then read the warning and click Allow to complete the connection. share your screen
  3. Once connected, the recipient receiving help will see a ‘Quick Assist’ screen at the top with ‘Screen sharing on‘ displayed. You will see their screen appear in the main Quick Assist window. It’s likely that the whole screen hasn’t been displayed – either manually resize the program window in usual manner or click Fit Screen button/ as shown to fit it in the program window.
  4. You can now access the other person’s PC using It’s own tools to troubleshoot. If the person you’re helping isn’t login with administrator account and then whenever you wants to perform any administrative tasks, you have complete dependency to him to insert the administrator password.
  5. As you type, click or point all can be viewed by the person you’re helping. Sometime you can notice slightly lag, basically it will all depend on your internet connection speed. This is normal.
  6. If your troubleshooting involve restarting PC, you can initiate the restart, this will temporarily suspend the connection between your PCs. then attempt to restore it. once rebooted, a new prompt will appear to the person sitting in front of it for them to grant you permission to connect to their computer again, without going through generating and entering a new security code.
  7. There’s a pen button at the top that should allow you to annotate on person screen, you can use it to guide him. You’ll see Pause and Stop button for suspending the connection. The person you’re helping can access these button too. anytime he can disconnect you restrict to their PC.

I hope you like this page helpful.


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