Microsoft allow you to download and install Windows 10 without a product key. Once install it will work with limited restriction. You can download it directly form Microsoft Website or Windows 10 download tool, which doesn’t require product key to download.

After download the ISO file, you can create a USB disk to install Windows 10. then you can just begin the installation process and install Windows 10. One of the first screens you will see system will ask you to enter your product key to continue to Activate Windows. However you can skip it, just click the ‘I don’t have product key’ at the bottom on window and Windows will allow you to continue the installation. You may be asked to enter a product key later in the process again, However, in this case you can hit the little ‘Skip for now‘ button and let Windows 10 install.

If you don’t see this option, you can also provide a KMS client setup key to continue. they will allow you to get through the Windows installation process but will be activate your Windows copy.

Windows 10 is installed, now you can use it. There are just two limitation:

  • Watermark on the lower right-hand corner, remind you to Activate Windows.
  • You cannot use anything under Personalization e.g. change wallpaper, accent colors, lock screen, themes, etc. All options are grayed out and inaccessible.

Other than this, you have fully-functional Windows 10 OS and you can also get all the system updates.

Now in future, you have decided to pay and buy a full fledged license.To buy a license to activate, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Update and Security.
  • Choose Activation.
  • Select Go to Store: The Windows Store now opens to Product page, now you can buy from here and it unlocks and activates your version of Windows 10.
  • You can make the payment via Credit Card, Paypal or whatever the payment method that support like for others Windows app purchase.

I hope you like this page helpful, Let’s us know your comments.


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