In Windows and under an administrative account you can specify which cores force to use specific windows apps. If you are doing some heavy video rending, compiling or any other task, which requires high CPU power, this ensure that part of the processor is always dedicated to that task.

How to define cores to a particular apps

  1. Make sure you are using administrative account or login with admin privileges.
  2. Right-click on the Task bar and choose ‘Task Manager’ (or type the Task Manager in search)
  3. Next, choose the apps that you would like to define the cores for
  4. Right-click the app and select ‘go to details
  5. Under Details again right-click the app and now choose ‘Set Affinity’.
  6. In the ‘Processor Affinity’ window uncheck the all CPU cores except ones, which you want to set cores affinity.
  7. Once done, click OK to save the settings.
  8. Now it’s done and you can close the Task Manger.
  9. This changes only will applicable till your computer restarted.


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