When you are going to install MS Office Standard Edition, sometime user reported that they are unable to install MS Office Standard Edition and they get following error during installation — Microsoft Office Standard 2016 encountered an error during setup. If you are also received this error, watch this video in Hindi or refer the below post.

Generally the problem arise during re-installation of MS office Standard Edition or if you have purchased new system with pre-install MS Office trail version and you wants to remove the trail version and install the Microsoft Office Standard Edition. As I observe, we are receiving the error massages on MS Office Standard 2013 and 2016.

Interestingly, users usually get this error when the long setup process nears completion, which is very annoying.

How to fix error? Please follow the below simple steps.

Before continuing, please ensure and uninstall if any office version still there in your system.

Type Task Scheduler in the Windows search bar and hit Enter to open the Windows Task Scheduler.

  1. Navigate to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Office.
  2. Select the Office folder in the left-pane and click on Delete Folder in the right-pane.
  3. Reboot the machine.
  4. Now try installing Microsoft Office. It should work this time.

I hope you like this page helpful.


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